Sora being cute 2 / ? ~ Hollow Bastion / Radiant Garden 
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Dark Cloud 2

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>> ToS characters || Zelos Wilder: The magic swordsman

I know that they’re normal people, just like you and me. But that’s what discrimination is about. Knowing that, and still not being able to shake that feeling…”

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Ni No Kuni~ Towns
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if you like ni no kuni then please play dark cloud 2 there are a lot of side characters in it that are really similar to ni no kuni characters like here let me just


marcassin (nnk) & crest the great sage (dc2)


old father oak (nnk) & elder jurak (dc2)

and they both have??? like????…

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Ni No Kuni - Marcassin {Totally having a "Howl" moment}
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"Good, so then if something happens and Riku is about to get lost. Or, say he starts wandering down a dark path alone, you make sure to stay with him and keep him safe. That's your job, Sora, and I'm counting on you to do it, okay?"
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